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Question of the Week

November 13, 1999


This Week: Odd Customs

Israel, where we spend some time this week, is a land embedded in traditions and customs -- some of which can be found here among Jewish Americans, such as breaking a glass at the end of a wedding or toasting "L'Chaim!" before a meal. They're things that we Americans have some familiarity with, but last week I asked you to tell me some of the more odd customs you've come across while traveling.

We go to Minneapolis first to talk to Dave. He was in the Philippines when a young Filipino man gave him some first-hand experience with an odd custom. And Portia in Tallahassee had an odd custom experience right here in the U.S., on the Navajo reservation in northeastern Arizona.

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Next Week: Home for the Holidays

In a couple of weeks Americans begin their own unique custom -- a mad dash to get home for the holidays, which makes it one of the busiest times for the travel industry -- not to mention the travelers. It gets so hectic that an overbooked route or bad weather could mean longer than usual delays. Have you ever been bumped from a flight and had to spend hours sleeping on a hard airport floor? Or took a bus that got stuck in a snowstorm?

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) telling us your harrowing story about what you had to endure to get home for the holidays.


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