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Question of the Week

October 30, 1999


This Week: Travel Fears

For some people the mere idea of traveling is a scary prospect. So we went to you to hear about your travel fears. Nancy, in Worcester, Massachusetts told me she's afraid of...get this... being sold into the white slave market. It's a fear that came about while visiting the hammams -- the public bath houses in Turkey.

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Next Week: Odd Customs

Aside from random seatmate encounters, there are other ways to experience new things while you're traveling. Local customs, for example. They change everywhere you go -- heck, certain parts of the U.S. have different ways of doing things that other parts would consider foreign. We want to hear about some of the more odd ones you've encountered. In the Middle East the soles of one's feet are considered dirty, so it's an insult if you cross your legs and expose them to others. I want to know if you've ever had such an experience with an odd custom during your travels. Where were you when it happened and how did it affect you?

Call me with the oddest custom -- by American standards -- you've ever witnessed at 888-SAV-TRAV. That's 888-728-8728. Or send us an email.


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