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Question of the Week

October 23, 1999


This Week: Traveling with Your Boss

I've learned some fantastic lessons while on the road with my boss like um...well...that's really not important is it? What is important is hearing what you learned by traveling with your boss. Last week I asked you to call in with your stories and tips, so let's get to the juicy details.

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Next Week: Seatmate Stories

A trip with the boss isn't the only way to pick up a good story or two. It's often a complete stranger in the next seat that gives us stories to brighten up cocktail parties. And that's what we want to hear about next -- your seatmate stories. Here's a good one: my producer, Matt, was taking a late night flight from Seattle to Los Angeles about a year ago, reading the paper, sipping his complimentary coffee, when the young lady sitting next to him fell asleep on his shoulder. He says he didn't mind at first, but after a while she started drooling on him. She was embarrassed afterward, of course. Matt says it's the only time he can honestly say a woman was drooling all over him. How about you? Did you find your true love at cruising altitude or had to endure the ramblings of a seatmate who's had one too many Bloody Marys?

Give me a call at 888-SAV-TRAV and tell me your best and worst seatmate stories. That's 888-728-8728. You can also send an email.


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