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Road-Tripping Rover

Dear Rudy,

I was in the car with my dog when I heard your request for stories about traveling with pets.

I adopted my dog Macy from friends who had her for many years but did not like her. They thought she was weird, and if I did not take her, she was going to the pound. Once I brought her home, she cried constantly. So on the first weekend after I got her, I put her in the car and we took a day trip from my home in Las Vegas, Nevada to Prescott, Arizona. We spent the day together walking around Prescott and the little towns in that area. Before we headed home, I stopped at a fast food place and we shared a hamburger. I recall that sometime during that trip, she bonded with me and became my dog.

Since then, I take her on as many car trips as I can. She has been to Southern Utah for the Shakespeare Festival several times, as well as numerous boating excursions on Lake Mead.




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