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London Cabs: A Jolly Good Ride

Dear Rudy,

Hearing your piece on London cabs brought to mind an experience my wife and I had using a London cab this past September.

This was our first time overseas, and we were told that traveling by cab in London is a "must do" (not taking anything away from using the London Underground, of course).

We were returning to London from Dublin around the time when British truck drivers were blocking the refineries, effectively shutting down the country. Fortunately, we returned at the end of the blockade, but we were concerned we might run into some trouble getting from the airport to our hotel. Our worry was unnecessary. Not only were we able to get a cab, we had the most interesting conversation with the cab driver.

So interesting was our conversation, in fact, that even after arriving at our hotel and paying the fare, we sat in the cab for another 10 minutes chatting. Had it not been for the fact that we had to check in, we may have stayed there longer. The cabby never rushed us, and was very much the gentleman the whole time.

All in all, our cab ride was one of the highlights of the trip.




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