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Foiling Pickpockets

Hi Rudy,

I know that you talk from time to time about protecting yourself while traveling. I'd like to share a travel tip on foiling pickpockets.

My wife, children and I went to Paris this past Summer and saw lots of warnings about pickpockets in the Metro and at tourist sites. There's even a caution sign at the entrance to Notre Dame. How do your protect yourself? There are two parts to this tip: First, I keep my wallet in my front pants pocket. Second, I folded a city map in half over my wallet. (You don't have to use a map. I have found that less bulky things like thin plastic shopping bags will work. What's important is that the thief can't get a direct grip on your wallet.)

A test of my strategy came during our third day. My family and I boarded a crowded Metro train. I stood by the door while they moved a little further into the car. I was talking to my wife when I felt a slight brush. Looking down, I saw the map hanging halfway out of my pocket and the man standing next to me studiously looking away. I turned to my wife and said in a loud voice, "Guess what? This guy is a pickpocket." He gaped at me with a look of terror on his face, revealing himself. He jumped off the train at the next stop, muttering at me in French.

I hope this helps some of your listeners. Love the show.




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