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Oo-la-la! Rethinking Lunch in France

Dear Rudy,

A few weeks ago, you requested some eye-opening experiences. I have one that just happened to me three weeks ago.

I just got back from 10 days in France with my kids, ages 1 and 3. We stopped for lunch at the airport. I ordered a ham-and-cheese sandwich. When my lunch came, I made a face because it was just french bread with one lonely slice of ham and a piece of cheese. Being an American, I've grown accustomed to those overstuffed sandwiches oozing with everything.

I took one bite of my lunch, and I was amazed by how delicious it was. The bread! It was the bread. I realized I didn't need all the stuffings. Great bread makes a great sandwich.

Restaurants here seem to mask the blandness of their food by making meals so overdone and over the top, you don't notice they have no taste. With sandwiches, for example, if you start with great bread, you don't miss the heaps of meat, cheese and fat.

My French lunch was a real eye-opener for me. Now that I'm back, I can't eat a sandwich without being disappointed in the bread.




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