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Kindness of strangers

Hi Rudy,

Last year, my husband, two friends and I rented a car and drove over much of England in Scotland. In the second week of our tour, we were returning mid-evening (this was February and it was cold and dark) north of Glasgow on our way back to our hotel in Aberfoyle when we hit a curb and blew a tire and damaged another. I mean we BLEW a tire! We only had one spare, and no way to repair the other tire.

Our friend Les walked about a mile and came to the first lighted house. The very kind young man, Neil, who lived there let these crazy Yanks use his phone, hang out at his house and wait for the tow. He was wonderful, as was the tow truck driver who got us back to the airport - and the car rental folks who didn't even question how these Americans could have wrecked two ties on a brand new Vauxhall, but gave us another right away.

I have many fine memories of this trip, but the night Neil came to our aid is certainly one of them.




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