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Kindness of Strangers

My husband was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska and I was finishing out the school year in North Carolina. Over spring break our nine-month old son and I flew the zigzag route to visit him. Leaving Fayetteville, NC, we flew to Dallas, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Anchorage, and finally, Fairbanks. In Dallas, as I was struggling with a stroller, car-seat (optimistically hoping for an empty seat next to me), and baby paraphernalia, a gentleman reached out, took the car seat from me and carried it to my seat. I later found out from a fellow passenger that the gentleman had been Terry Bradshaw, the former football star.

Thinking the segment from Seattle to Anchorage was a short hop, my heart sank when I heard the captain announce the arrival time was over three hours away. My son had been off his schedule and while cooperative, was working up to a major scene. The flight was booked solid so he was going to have to sit on my lap. Someone must have been looking out for me when I was assigned my seat because the woman next to me could sense our exhaustion. She just reached over, stretched my son's legs across her lap and started rubbing his back. He fell right to sleep and she let him stay that way the whole flight. I've never forgotten her kindness and always try to be as understanding and helpful to parents of young children whenever I'm flying.




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