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Safe Travel

  1. Don't read maps or travel brochures on the street! You are just announcing you don't know where you are or where your going. Read maps and brochures away from crowds. Preferably the night before in your hotel room. Act like you know where you are going and that you are familiar with the area, no matter what country. Very few places on this Earth don't have American tourists! Sometimes, unfortunately.

  2. Always wear a money belt. Keep your valuables (passport, hotel key, money, and if your are on medication, a couple of days worth in a small plastic bag or sealable bottle also any VERY IMPORTANT information sealed in plastic.) It sounds bulky, but it's worth it.

  3. Keep money and travelers's checks in a couple of different places, i.e., under the lining of your shoes (also in plastic), in your money belt, some in a wallet, in a pocket. I was once robbed, but had money stashed in different places, so I was at least able to get back to my hotel. Also, if the hotel has a SAFE, and I mean a safe, one to which you have the key, keep traveler's checks and some cash there.

  4. Did I say money belt? I once had $3,000.00 in crisp, new $50.00 U.S. dollars (always wanted overseas) folded up in a money belt. I was put under arrest in Bulgaria in the late 80's and no one ever knew I had it with me. I was able to remove a few bills at a time, and buy my way out!




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