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Safety Tip

I always travel with my money split between two wallets. I have a regular back pocket wallet and a smaller front pocket wallet. If you are robbed give him a wallet with a reasonable amount of money in it and he will hopefully will go away happy. Be sure to have enough money in the wallet to satisfy a robber and keep enough left in your other wallet or pocket to get home etc. Do NOT purposely give a robber a small amount of money. People have been killed because the robber was angry that he went through all the trouble to rob someone and they only had $8 for example. I always have my money split between two pockets even when I'm in the US.

Splitting your money between two wallets or pockets is also useful if you should lose a wallet or get pick pocketed.

When I travel and I have both US and a foreign currency I put money in three pockets - two for splitting the US currency and one for the local currency.

If you do get a second wallet be sure to keep at least one credit card in each wallet.




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