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Mystery Guests

This isn't so much as a woeful tale, as a tale of too much food. My sister and I were staying in the Frankfurt Sheraton about 22 years ago, and had spent the last four weeks dining al fresco (cheap) with my other sister and bro-in-law during our visit to them in Vienna. We were going to pick up an early flight back to Chicago...and had just about enough of getting our OWN food, we were going to ORDER IN!!

We decided to splurge a last time, forego a meal, and ordered TWO each of our favorite desserts. Room service delivered, with, I swear, Latka from "Taxi". My sister decided to duck into the bathroom when it was delivered. I was all alone with 4 bottles of apfeljuice, and four desserts which he served individually and with great flourish to me. "Thankyouverymuch" and was gone.

We chowed down, and then when he knocked a short time later to see if everything was alright, my sister, AGAIN, ducked into the bathroom...leaving me alone with 4 sets of dirty dishes.

He looked quizzically at me, and graciously said nothing as he cleared the service. I gave him a massive tip, heard, "thankyouverymuch" and was gone! I was mortified! He got around a $20 tip (in 1977 money was pretty darn good!)

Not an exciting story, but one my sister brings up occasionally to caution my eating with ghosts!




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