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Travel Tip

First, one thing you might want to bring to travelers' attention is that little clause in the IATA Regulations pertaining to "involuntary rerouting" -- where the airline has to make other arrangements for ticketed and checked-in passengers whose flights are delayed more than 3 hours. I have used it a few times, although it has required a strong push on my part to get an airline to move me on, regardless of the cost to them. Airlines have endorsed tickets (even absorbing upgrades), paid for short-time hotel (by-the-hour airport hotels), bought me fresh clothing, etc... whether in compliance with the IATA regulations or just to get rid of an annoyance, I cannot say.... What I can say is not to bother complaining to a counter clerk, but to corner a supervisor (and I do mean physically force (but not man-handle) them into a corner, not letting them move away until they give in)

Second: now is the time to make reservations and reserve tickets for the Prague Spring Music Festival... and for your travelers, the Czech Government is looking into the two-price system employed by hotels, restaurants and theatre where Czechs pay less than half what is charged tourists. For music lovers.. what other city in the world has a 10 meter high metronome clicking back and forth above the city?



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