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Honeymoon Travel

After hearing your program this morning I felt compelled to write.

First of all, my wife travels for business about 80 nights or more a year. I'm senior travel photographer for a magazine and travel some 180 nights a year. So when we planned our honeymoon five years ago, we decided even thought it was January, we'd go to NYC. Little Italy and dining and museums and Broadway. If the weather was too bad, we'd just go inside our room and "suffer through."

Leaving Birmingham at 7:30 a.m. and stopping in Atlanta on the way to LaGuardia was fine. But we were still in line hours later in Atlanta after a severe ice storm froze the eastern seaboard. We were dressed in wool for the arrival in NY. The airport was chaos. I looked like everyone was trying to make the last flight out of Saigon in l975.

After being moved from line to line, we finally made the counter. Angry undercurrents all around, we didn't care. It was our honeymoon. I first spoke to the agent with a question, "I guess we're not going to NY?" He said no. We asked if we could use our award travel for other places and he said sure. So we stepped slightly back to see the monitors and scanned the world's options. I'd just gotten back from an assignment in Mexico and didn't want to go there. WE were without passports.

We discussed a couple options and quickly decided that wine tasting in Napa, San Francisco and the west coast sounded fun. The agent smiled and said,"Wow, reasonable people, I can do that." We re-booked through LA. I called my travel agent and said we're going to San Francisco. Find us a place. We got out of Atlanta and felt good.

But of course, it was the day of the big LA earthquake at Northridge. We did get in late to LA after runway crack inspections and ended up in the Crown Room watching the earthquake round us on TV with Gabriel Byrne standing next to us. On the flight in, a CNN reporter talked on the air phone the whole time between Atlanta and LA, setting up his coverage. We were delayed there again.

Finally on our flight north, we were telling a flight attendant in first about our day. She brought out a bottle of champagne for us to take. We'd checked with our travel agent while in LA and she said we were booked into the Post Hotel ( I think) with a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in it then. By the time we got there, it was midnight Pacific time. We were dead after wedding and travel. We also were without luggage. It made the only flight that got out of Atlanta to NY.

As we pulled up in front of the hotel at midnight in Union Square, a bellman met us before I even got the car into park. He said, "You must be the Meripols," and helped us in. As we got to the front desk someone else met us on our side of the counter and said, "We assumed you wouldn't have your luggage. Your agent called. So here are some things you might need." He then handed us two small bags with toiletry items. And he told us to take our keys and go on up, we could check in the morning. Our bellman took us to our room and said he was sure we could find the lights and didn't need him and left. We found champagne iced and flutes ready. From that moment on we had a great time. Without warmer weather clothes, we decided to nap instead of walking the streets. Had a ball, walked the city the following day and have been the happiest couple ever since.

My lesson? Remain flexible, be nice.



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