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Ireland made me fall in love.

Two Christmases ago my friend Mike mentioned that he received an update for a price of $318, round-trip, to Ireland. Jokingly, I said "book it." A month later we were messing around with the idea and discovered that it was possible for us to go. We asked all of our friends, who couldn't make such a quick decision and so we booked it for ourselves.

A month and a half later we were in Ireland meeting all different kinds of people (they were all so friendly). We told them each a different (innocent) lie; sometimes were we honeymooners, siblings, strangers, travel guide authors, etc. We spent our days exploring anything that we noticed was near our location on the map and our nights enjoying the crai'c at the local pubs. Fifteen days with only one person to talk to , twenty-four hours a day is a very exhausting situation. The two of us survived it beautifully and dream about doing it again.

I fell in love with Mike at various points during our vacation. First it was his curiosity, then his openness and friendliness, then his consideration and charm, his excitement, and then a whole lot of other things. Eventually the last thing I got to fall in love with about Mike was how he made the worst things better, and he did by making me laugh at our horrible blues song entitled : "I got the someone broke into my rental car and stole all the s*** out of my trunk blues!" It's a wonderful song that dried my tears, made everything right in the world (and in Dublin), and still makes me laugh today.

Mike makes me want to go back to Dublin again, even after losing all of the material things I brought with me and purchased while I was there. Love is far greater than any material possession. I can't wait to go anywhere with Mike; he is a phenomenal travel partner.



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