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Tokyo Tryst

I passed my 40th birthday on my way to China for the first time. At the time, the way one went to China was on Japan Airlines, which required an overnight stay in Tokyo. I arrived in Narita on my birthday, Dec. 7th. On the trip over, I had met an attractive lady who was a travel agent from Galveston, TX, as I recall. She was traveling to Korea on a promo for Korean Airlines, but had to make the same SFO-NRT leg on Japan Airlines before going on to Seoul next day.

Japan Airlines domestic was on strike that day, and there was some doubt about our hotel rooms for the overnight stay.

Once that was settled. the group of half a dozen business people with whom I was traveling decide to have a birthday dinner for me at the hotel. I invited my new friend.

After dinner, as we all retired to our rooms, she and I found we were on the same floor. I asked her if she would like to turn our chance encounter into an adventure. She demurred a bit. I reminded her it was my birthday, and she agreed to stay the night with me. It was a wonderful, tender, playful, adventurous, loving, one night stand.

I have been to China many times since, but that first trip stands out in my memory especially for the marvelous romantic adventure that this new acquaintance and I shared.



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