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Trouble in Mexico

Six years ago my then-boyfriend and I drove the few hours from San Diego to Estero Beach, Mexico for a few days at a volleyball tournament. One morning he and I got into our bathing suits, jumped in his truck and drove toward the beach. He was hungry, saw a roadside taco stand, and got out to have a snack. The tacos were so hot/spicy that he reached into the cooler in the back of his truck for a beer, then we sat on the side of the dirt road while he ate.

The next thing I knew the police drove up, grabbed him by the hair and the back of his shorts and threw him sideways into their police car, then sped away down the dirt road. I jumped up just in time to see him throw his car keys out the window, leapt into the truck and followed the swirling dirt to the police station. We were out in the middle of nowhere with just our bathing suits on.

I was wearing my bikini top and shorts when I walked into the police station to find out what had happened to him. I knew from stories that if I waited I might not see him again, so I didn't delay to find clothing to cover myself. It turned out that drinking alcoholic beverages on the street in Mexico is prohibited. At the police station there were 12 policemen and my boyfriend in his shorts with handcuffs on. Our mutual lack of each other's language became so frustrating that I finally asked them if they spoke French. This exasperated the head commander and he unshackled my boyfriend and let us go. I realize that they could have jailed him for money, or worse things could have happened, but I think we just caught them on a good day. I also feel strongly that our safety was due to the head commander's presence; if he had not been there to temper the others we might not have been so lucky.

They never did ask us for money, which is typical. We were very lucky. I haven't been to Mexico since, and don't expect to go again anytime soon.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this harrowing story. I enjoyed your story about the Italian money in the passport. It seems that miscommunication in foreign countries can certainly lead to serious problems!



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