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Delaware "Loops"

Being a "Dela-where?-ian" I was excited to hear you mention that next week on your show you'd be talking about Delaware's Punkin' Chunkin' festivities. So, I had to write and mention the "Halloween Loop" held in Wilmington, Delaware.

Throughout the year there are "Loops" held once a month in Wilmington. It's an event where lots of local establishments (bars, taverns, etc.) have agreed that a cover charge ($5) paid at one place gets you into all participating places. It is one big party as everyone "goes on the loop" visiting all their favorite establishments for music and spirits.

Various special "Loops" have come to be, such as the "Art Loop" where galleries and other establishments show paintings and other artworks, and the '70s Loop where groovy attire is worn by all.

At this time of year we have the Halloween Loop. Wilmington becomes a city full of ghouls and goofballs! You can walk or ride free buses to enclaves of bars all around the city! This year the Halloween Loop is 19 years old. It's on Friday October 30th - still early fall in our region...plenty warm enough for the ten-band outdoor extravaganza on our city's Market Street Pedestrian Mall!

I have no affiliation with the festivities except as a very entertained participant. I just thought you might want to mention this since you are already talking about Halloween in Delaware! I've heard our Halloween Loop is getting so well known that other cities have started doing it!

I got a couple of the historical facts above from the Special Halloween Loop edition of our local (free) publication "Out & About". For further information, they say to call the "Loop Hotline" at 302-655-9942.

Thanks for all the great travel info! Happy Halloween!



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