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Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain, author of "A Cook's Tour."
(photo credit: Vincent Giavelli)

Interview: Anthony Bourdain

On the subject of the excesses of our society, a famous New York chef, Anthony Bourdain, has learned how much we waste here from traveling through Third World countries. As Tony says, we're the only country in the world where we throw away the legs of a chicken because we can afford to only eat the fluffy white breast.

He's just back from touring around the world, in search of "The Perfect Meal." Following his best-seller "Kitchen Confidential," his new book is called "A Cook's Tour."

Make no mistake, Tony is an adventuresome guy. He didn't just sit at posh white table cloth establishments in Paris. We had a great time talking, not just about all the bizarre gastronomic delights he sampled, but about what a kick he got from all the remote places he visited.


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