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Home From Africa


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This is The Savvy Traveler and I'm Diana Nyad.

Since JFK established the Peace Corps back in 1961, about 170,000 people have served in 135 countries. The two-year service attracts people who want to get out there and help people less fortunate than themselves.

Jenafir was one of the many Peace Corps volunteers who joined right out of college. She was sent to Benin, a tiny West African country between Nigeria and Togo. She used a cheap tape recorder to document her two-year stay there. Radio producer Jake Warga visited her in Benin and helped her bring the sounds you're about to hear to life.

Jenafir's transition to West African tribal life was a shock to the system. We caught up with her as she was finishing her Peace Corps duty, and it turns out, after two years, transitioning back home wasn't so easy, either.



  Jennifer is now working in social services in California. She has plans to go back to Africa this year -- one way or another. Her story was produced by Jake Warga, with help from Jay Allison.

The piece came to us through the public radio Web sites Transom.org and Hearingvoices.com, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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