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Have you heard of "shoulder surfing?" Thieves use videocameras at airports to record you at a pay phone pretty far away, and they steal your credit card numbers that way. Crime can happen anywhere, but you're more at risk in unfamiliar circumstances and, unfortunately, you're more at risk if you're a woman. I think of myself as confident, fit, and ready for any potential danger. But I have learned the hard way, a couple of times, that when it comes to being the victim of a crime, all that self-sufficiency doesn't help much when you're caught off guard.

In her book "Gutsy Women," author Mary Beth Bond gave advice for women who travel alone. Her book was so well received that she's followed it up with a second addition with updated travel hints entitled "Gutsy Women: More Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road." By next year, 50 percent of all business travelers will be women, so I sat down to ask Mary Beth if there was any place she thought even gutsy women shouldn't go.

Interview: Gutsy Woman - Mary Beth Bond


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