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Peter Mayle, renowned for his book, A Year in Provence, is just out with a new, enticing book about the pleasures of the French countryside - called French Lessons. And Sandra Tsing Loh, known for her clever social commentary on public radio, is also just out with a terrific book, A Year in Van Nuys, which takes direct aim at the leisure life of Provence. Two polar opposites, they are, and they're here in the studio right now. One having fulfilled a dream of moving to the ultimate travel destination, Provence. One looking for plane, train, anything to get her out of congested, polluted Van Nuys. Mayle in the blue corner, Tsing Loh in the red. Here we go...

Interview: Provence vs. Van Nuys: The Smackdown

With Peter Mayle and Sandra Tsing Loh, 6/22/2001

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Diana, Peter, and Sandra...

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You can get your very own copies of A Year in Van Nuys and French Lessons: Adventures With Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew at Amazon.com, and help support the Savvy Traveler in the process!

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