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A recent Transportation Department report shows that customer dissatisfaction with the airline industry continues to climb. Consumer complaints rose 16 percent last year. It's no wonder, given the frequency of delays and cancellations, not to mention impending-strike angst. It seems the more you fly, the more fuel for your airline frustration you discover. That's what management consultant and McGill University business professor Henry Mintzberg found, anyway.

Mintzberg's spent his fair share of time on a plane. Over the last ten years he's split his time between London, Prague, and Paris and his home in Montreal. How to vent all the frequent-fliers frustration? Well, Henry Mintzberg wrote a book and titled it Why I Hate Flying: Tales for the Tormented Traveler. You might expect that it's airline food and long layovers that get to him. But no, for this business professor, it's all about the marketing.

Interview: Henry Mintzberg Hates to Fly


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