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Under the Sea

Our Vagabond Traveler recently left an interesting message on our answering machine...from an underwater hotel in Florida!

Under the Sea
by Doug Lansky

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There are some people who hear urban legends on the road, and then there are those who create them, like our own Vagabond Traveler, who left this message on our answering machine:


"Yeah, hey, Rudy, this is Doug Lansky, the Vagabond Traveler. I don't know if you're going to believe this, but I'm actually underwater right now. I'm at the Underwater Hotel in Key Largo, Florida. In fact, my fellow guests are swimming outside my window right now.

"We're about 20, 25 feet underwater, and there's sort of like a diving bell. And in fact I've got my feet in the water right now. Let me just...this is what it sounds like. Just one second. [Water noises] That's my scuba tank. I've got to scuba dive to get to my room.

"I'm working right now as an assistant bellboy. I'm helping carry the luggage down here. We put it in these semi-waterproof bags or boxes and put weights on them and drag them down. I'm just getting the hang of it.

"Anyway, take care. Hope all is well above the surface." [Click]

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