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The Truth about Timeshares

According to the American Resort Development Association (that's the trade group for timeshare industry) two million Americans owned timeshares in 1999. That's a 25 percent increase from the year before. Cynthia Huheey is the president of the association. We asked her just how this whole system works.

The Truth about Timeshares
An Interview with Cynthia Huheey

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Not so long ago, the word "timeshare" was nearly synonymous with "scam." Con-artists and fly-by-night developers made the words connect by sometimes selling stays at spots much different than they advertised -- or at resorts that didn't exist at all. But these days, growing pains behind, the industry is much different. Even luxury hotels chains like Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Hilton and Marriot are getting into the game. And is it ever-popular.


Savvy Resources for Timeshares

  • American Resort Development Association
    See the "Consumer Information" area for information on vacation ownership products (timeshares, vacation clubs...), interval resales and the resort industry.

  • The Timeshare Owners Users Group
    Run almost entirely by volunteers, who happen to also be TS owners and enthusiasts. In addition to classified buy, sell and rent ads there is a wealth of information an knowledge regarding every aspect of timesharing. Access to some pages require membership, which is $15 per year.

  • Time Share Owners Organization
    Not as much information as TUG but has a good link page to other TS information.

  • Timesharing Today magazine
    Another teriffic resource for owners.

  • Fern's Timeshare and Travel
    A personal site operated by a knowledgeable timeshare owner.

  • Resort Condominiums International
    Learn more about RCI and the vacation ownership industry, get more details on affiliated resorts, and look into travel conditions around the globe.

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