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Beatles Fest vs. Medieval Fest

Beatles Fest vs. Medieval Fest
August 18, 2000

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Rudy: "You'd think that somebody over in Europe has declared August the 'official month for reminiscing.' Over the next week or so are two festivals specifically geared to recapture lost moments. Here to tell us about them is Michelle Kholos. She's here with this week's Culture Watch. Hello Michelle. What are we looking at today?"

Michelle: "Well, you've got a choice this week. 'To Beatle or not to Beatle, that is the question.'"

Rudy: "Um, let me guess. We're talking about the Beatles, not the bug."

Michelle: "Yep, and we're talking about the International Beatle Festival, in Liverpool, where else? It's taking place August 24th through the 29th. The world's top Beatle imitation bands are scheduled at the historic spots: The Cavern Club and the Royal Court Theatre. There's a huge Beatle convention with lots of Beatles memorabilia..."

Rudy: "Ok, and if I choose 'Not to Beatle'?"

Michelle: "Well, then it's just a short trip over to Horsens, Denmark for another type of re-creation. Their annual Medieval Festival plunges the whole city back 500 years. A huge Medieval market springs up for two days, August 25th and 26th, and features authentic food and crafts all made the way locals would have back in the 1500s."

Rudy: "What's considered Medieval food?"

Michelle: "Well, don't be surprised if you see pigs or even whole oxen slowly roasting over open flame."

Rudy: "Huh?"

Michelle: "Yeah, this is way beyond your typical Renaissance Faire. They actually cut the power and plunge the whole town into darkness during the festival. The only light comes from torches and candles. Of course, they'll have knights in shining armor, real jousting matches and a medieval military camp set up on the outskirts of town."

Rudy: "Should Fortinbras return?"

Michelle: "Yeah, in case he gets a little bored over in Liverpool, there'll be a warm reception back in Horsens."

Rudy: "So, 'To Beatle or not Beatle', really is the question."

Michelle: "It is. And it's also this week's Culture Watch."


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