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Kelly Markham
Production Assistant

Kelly is the most recent addition to The Savvy Traveler staff, having abandoned a television job in Miami for the more sublime delights of public radio in L.A. Prior to heading West, Kelly did hard time in advertising, worked as a writer and editor for bunches of publications, cranked out educational programs as a digital video editor, and made some very bad short films. She has finally figured what she wants to be when she grows up.

Kelly's travels have taken her from the remote villages of southern China to the remote villages of South Dakota. Her car has broken down in 32 states. She once went to Europe for eight months with no checked luggage. She is rumored to have drunk the water in Mexico. And she frequently talks to strangers and other people her mother warned her about. Wherever she is at the moment is her favorite destination.

Kelly hopes to become fabulously wealthy, quit her job, and travel the globe by golf cart so she can take in the scenery. In the meantime, she's a sucker for good travel stories from listeners and long road trips with no itinerary.


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