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Rundown for the Week of November 21, 2003

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Washington, DC, Winter Highlights

Last week, we found out how cozy Europe can be when the weather cools down; this week, we have winter ideas for visiting one of Americaís great cities, Washington, DC. Weíre not going to lie: DC is cold now, but itís also filled with amazing things to do. Its world-class museums host compelling exhibitions. And, one of its less visible neighborhoods is going through a cultural renaissance -- a revival built on the foundation of its history.

Web resources: Our Web resources on DC's art and history...

photo: Courtesy
ďAmerica on the MoveĒ
Host Diana Nyad takes a tour of the Smithsonian's new exhibit
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Host Diana Nyad gets a behind the scenes tour of the exhibition "America on the Move" with historian and curator Janet Davidson. It opens this weekend at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, and itís actually the biggest exhibit the museum has ever mounted. As Diana walks through the multimedia exhibit, she steps back in time and experiences transportation as it shaped American lives and the landscape.

Web resources
americanhistory.si.edu/onthemove: Official exhibit Web site

Black Americaís First Culture Capital
by Rudy Maxa
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Our dealmeister Rudy Maxa knows Washington, D.C. As a resident, he has spent decades exploring every nook and cranny of the District of Columbia. This week, he takes us on a tour of the Shaw district, an area that was known as the cultural capital of African-American life long before the Harlem Renaissance in New York. Over the last decade, this neighborhood near the White House has been going through a rebirth with the renovation of many of its historic landmarks.

Web resource: "On the Prowl in DC: Black America's First Cultural Capital " originally aired on January 29, 2000

Web resources: To explore and learn more about DC's art and historical past...

Collecting Authentic Music in Asia
interview with Anne Marie Ruff

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When reporter Anne Marie Ruff was living in Bangkok, she made travel discoveries visiting Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Nepal. While Anne Marie is not a musician, everywhere she went, she recorded authentic music on the streets. The music she brought back was simple: She embraced everyday experiences and found music at the heart of the lives she encountered. These recordings create a window into the people and the sounds that form the clutter and chaos of the world's most populous continent.

Web resources
This interview with Anne Marie Ruff originally aired on August 16, 2002
More stories by Anne Marie Ruff

Spontaneous Heaven in Tanzania
by Jesse Kalisher

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Sometimes, itís the unexpected events that make our travels so unique. Reporter Jesse Kalisher and his wife were traveling in Tanzania recently. While in the small town of Mtae, in northeastern Tanzania, they went in search of bananas. As they walked, they heard church bells and, suddenly, the singing of saints. Inside the church, they found hundreds of people singing, praying and dancing -- and became awestruck participants.

Web resources
www.kalisher.com: Jesse Kalisher's photography online
More stories by Jess Kalisher

Music with Bob Duskis
Ojos de Brujo & Martyn Bennett

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Bob Duskis, co-founder of Six Degrees Records in San Francisco, is our world music guide. This week, he joins us with sounds from young Spanish musicians who use flamenco as a foundation for cross-genre experimentation, and from Martyn Bennett, a Newfoundland-born Scotsman who blends Scottish music with electronic programming and textures from dusty vinyl records.

Click here for detailed info. about the artists

Web resources
Bari - Ojos de Brujo (label: Satelite K)
Grit - Martyn Bennett (label: Real World)
Available at the Public Music Radio Source. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

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Click here for music selected by Savvy producer Ben Adair.

Sound Travels - Tuk Telpek Freshon
an ancient covered bazaar in Bukara, in today's Uzbekistan

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The history of Bukara, a desert oasis city in today's Uzbekistan, is ancient and cyclical -- it has spent a few centuries as the capital of this empire, that religious state, only to be discarded and virtually abandoned. Today, Bukara is more museum than metropolis, as the Uzbek government is pouring money into restoring the old city center. The ancient covered bazaars are open again. As youíll hear, they're filled with carpets, trinkets, merchants and music.

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Traveler's Aid: Traveling to Cuba
interview with Camila Ruiz and Robert Muse

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About a week ago, a congressional committee removed a provision from a bill that would have ended enforcement of the travel ban to Cuba. The ban is still in place, and it does have its supporters. Host Diana Nyad talks with Camila Ruiz, the Washington director of the Cuban American National Foundation, and gets her impressions on why we should not travel to Cuba now.

But despite the political climate in Cuba, many Americans oppose the ban and still travel there. Can you go legally, and what happens if you get caught traveling illegally? Diana chats with Robert Muse, an attorney with expertise on laws relating to Cuba.

Web resource: www.canfnet.org: The Cuban American National Foundation

Useful Web sites for travel to Cuba
travel.state.gov/cuba.html: U.S. Department of State - Consular Information Sheet
www.cuba.com: Tourist Web site
www.netssa.com/cuba.html: Travel assistance to Cuba from Canada
www.liveincuba.com: Perks of living in Cuba
www.cubadaily.com: News and calendar of events
www.ibike.org/cuba/ofac/cuba-travelto.htm: Travel to Cuba from the U.S.
www.traveladventures.org/continents/southamerica/cuba.shtml: Tips for traveling in Cuba

Deal of the Week
Off-Peak Fun at Our National Parks

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When we think of vacations in the winter, we often thing of warm climates or ski resorts -- we probably donít often think of national parks. But as our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, says, there are great reasons for visiting in the off-season: The scenery is spectacular, the crowds are gone, and you can find great deals.

Click here for deal details and link information

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