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Rundown for the Week of May 9, 2003

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Opening Of Show

Conversation with "Super-Camper" Tom Stienstra

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There are a wide variety of outdoor experiences available to you and your family. To get more ideas, we talk with "super-camper" Tom Stienstra, the world's foremost camping expert. He has traveled over one million miles on the road looking for the perfect campsite, and he has some great "hidden" places for you to discover.

Online Resources:
www.mtkatahdin.com: Mount Katahdin Baxter State Park, Maine
www.katahdinoutdoors.com: Baxter State Park, Maine
www.boundarywaterscanoearea.com: Quetico Wilderness, Ely, Minn.: Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness
www.canoecountry.com: Boundary Waters Canoe Area
www.thesierraweb.com: Eastern Sierra Nevada, Northern California

Mother's Day Gift by Jonathan Menjivar

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Jonathan Menjivar recently moved to the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, just over 2,000 miles away from where his mother wants him to be living: back near her in Southern California. Money's tight, which means they can't see each other very often, so Jonathan came up with a way for his mother to "visit" him without getting on an airplane.

Online resources:
www.alcalas.com: Web site of clothing store mentioned in this story

My Buddhist Son by Carole Zimmer

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People often travel to find a sense of "self," to discover a place or a culture that seems more like home than the place they're from. When they find it, some even stay. The consequence can be leaving people at home who wonder and worry. Sometimes, the ones left behind find themselves traveling to rediscover those who have gone. Carole Zimmer's 18-year-old son Jon moved from Brooklyn, New York, to Nepal to become a Buddhist monk. She went there to "find" him.

Online Resources:
My Buddhist Son: Initially aired on May 27, 2000. Click here to access the original audio and text.

The Dirtiest Story You've Ever Heard by Cash Peters

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Cash visits the Museum of Dirt in Boston, Mass. The museum has a collection of dirt and grime from as far away as Mt. Fuji and the Amazon, as well as "celebrity" dirt from Bob Hope, Mick Jagger and Liberace. Humor columnist Dave Berry donated lint. Let's just say it's the glamorous side of grime.

Online Resources:
www.cashpeters.com: Everything you ever wanted to know about Cash Peters...and then some.

Recent Bad Taste Tours from Cash:
Dole Maze
Slithering Serpetorium
Foot Museum

Sound Travels Santeria Ceremony, Santiago, Cuba

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"Sound travels" is the part of our show when we travel with our ears as our guide. This week, we're in Santiago, Cuba, where a Creole religion thrives on the southern tip of the island. In Santeria, a mostly African religion, "Bembe" is a ceremony where four drummers pound out a rhythm while a leader performs a call and response refrain. Jim Metzner recorded this celebration, held in a worshipper's apartment.

Thinking of booking passage to Cuba?
Santeria, A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic
Santeria history
U.S. State Dept.: Consular Information Sheet
Australian Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Country, economy and regional info.

SARS Update

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Host Diana Nyad gives an update on the latest SARS developments.

Online SARS Information:
www.sciencemag.org: The SARS genome sequece

washingtonpost.com: Article: The Mystery Virus: A Guide to Origins, Symptoms and Precautions You Can Take
World Health Organization: Latest info. on SARS virus
www.cdc.gov: SARS info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
www.healthytravel.com: The Travel Medicine Center

Traveler's Aid Bargaining 101 with Doug Lansky

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Let's say you find an exquisite vase at a market in Istanbul. You simply must have it. How much should you offer the seller? Well, our independent budget traveler Doug Lanksy has answers. Doug explains how to bargain at markets abroad -- everything from picking the right time of day to shop to figuring out how much an item is worth. Plus, "The Doug Lansky Fundamental Bargaining Principle": If you don't bargain, you will pay too much.

Online resources:
The Rough Guide First Time Around the World, Doug's latest book on Amazon.com. Purchase supports The Savvy Traveler.

Doug's Recent Work on Savvy
Listen to Traveling on the Cheap: Aired April 18, 2003
Listen to Documenting Your Journey: Aired January 10, 2003

Deal of the Week Airfare Wars

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As our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, says, there's nothing like a good, competitive showdown between a couple of airlines to stimulate savings for passengers. Delta and AirTran Airways are fighting for Atlanta -- and you get the deals. Click here to read all the details.

Deal information:
For details on AirTran's new service between Atlanta and Denver, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, visit www.airtran.com or call 800-247-8726 or, in Atlanta, 800-994-8258.
Delta's fares may be found at www.delta.com or by calling 800-325-1551.

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