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Rundown for the Week of January 10, 2003

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Opening Of Show

Truth about De-icing by Judith Ritter

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Sure, we're offering some soothing, warm stories this week -- but we can't ignore winter altogether...If you're sitting on the tarmac now in the "cold cities" -- like Boston, Chicago and Denver -- you'll probably see technicians on their trucks, high over the runway, inspecting airplanes for ice and frost. This is the first step in the crucial business of de-icing the airplane. Judith Ritter visited the de-icing center at Dorval Airport, in Montreal, Quebec, and has this report.

  • The story about de-icing previously aired on 3/06/1999. Read the script and listen to audio from the original broadcast: Click » here for more information.
  • Interview with Alexia Brue Author of Cathedrals of Flesh: My Search for the Perfect Bath

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    Alexia Brue is a bath junkie: She just loves the culture behind bathing in public. So, she spent 5 months traveling around the world...taking baths...from the bath houses in Russia to the hamams in Turkey to the 10th Street Baths in her native New York City. Alexia writes about her experiences in her new book, "Cathedrals Of The Flesh: My Search For The Perfect Bath."

  • Click here to purchase this book at Amazon.com:
  • Europe's Most Remarkable New Spa
  • perfectbath.com: Alexia Brue's Web site
  • Cuba Musicians by Jim Metzner

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    Contributor Jim Metzner travels to Santiago, Cuba's second largest city, as part of an educational group to learn and record some of Cuba's musical traditions. Located in the eastern portion of the island, it's home to a rich legacy of musical styles -- many of them influenced by their African roots. Once there, really gets into the musical culture, meeting musicians on the street, in theaters -- even in the locals' homes.

    Special Thanks:

    In addition to those mentioned mentioned in the program, Jim would like to thank the following individuals and groups:

  • Maria Ochoa and her band
  • Septeto Tipico Tivoli
  • Robert Mann
  • Jack O'Neil
  • Chris LaMarca
  • Phil Metzidakis
  • Pictures:
  • Center for Creative Education: The mission of CCE is to provide innovative, high-quality arts education programs for children and youth with special emphasis on bringing these programs to low-income schools and neighborhoods.
  • National Geographic Feature Story: "Casa de la Trova: Cuba's Down Home Music Salon
  • Documenting Your Journey by Doug Lansky

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    Are you traveling and want to document your trip? Well, Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad talks with our round-the-world guide Doug Lansky about ways you can do this. Some tips:

  • Take personal pictures: Try not to compete with the professional postcard-takers -- buy the postcard, instead.
  • Keep a journal: This helps to hone your observational skills -- and, it's a great café companion that helps you reflect on what you've seen.
  • Try drawing: Working with watercolors and colored pencils can have a calming effect.
  • Record sounds: Use a mini-cassette player -- some sounds are more powerful than images you capture with a camera.
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  • Interview with Louise Kollenbaum, author of "Souvenirs de Voyage"
  • Postcard: The Badlands by Beth Karlotski

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    We've spent most of our time on the show this week overseas, but we love traveling in our country, too: so here's a postcard sent to us by Dave Karlotski from one of the few untouched areas left in the "lower 48." It's a place where even the name brims with mystique: the Badlands of South Dakota.

  • The Badlands originally aired on December 11, 1999. Click here to read the script and explore Web resources.
  • Sound Travels: Tuk Telpek Freshon
    An ancient covered bazaar in Bukara - a desert, oasis city in today's Uzbekistan

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    It's time to travel by way of a few simple sounds...The history of Bukara, a desert oasis city in today's Uzbekistan, is ancient and cyclical -- it has spent a few centuries as the capital of this empire, that religious state, only to be discarded and virtually abandoned. Today, Bukara is more museum than metropolis, as the Uzbek government is pouring money into restoring the old city center. The ancient covered bazaars are open again, like this one, called Tuk Telpek Freshon. As you'll hear: they're filled with carpets, trinkets, merchants and music.

  • www.gypsyjournal.com Traveler's journal Web site with descriptions and photos.
  • The Virtual Geography Department. University of Texas, Austin: Online slide show of Russian architecture with some images from Bukara.
  • Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan: An Independent Travel Guide: This Web site is only about travel, with special focus on independent travel.
  • The Stans: Previous Savvy Traveler segment that explores Central Asia
  • Traveler's Aid: United Chapter 11 Update

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    United is back in the news this week: The bankrupt airline has slashed walk-up fares up to 40% on over 12,000 domestic routes. It also announced that it's cutting back on meal service, and persuaded its pilots to agree to a 29% pay cut.

    And, the code-share agreement between United and fellow bankrupt airline US Airways took effect Tuesday. What will that mean for travelers? Well, you'll be able to use your frequent flyer miles on either airline, and enjoy airport lounges operated by both United and US Airways. Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, gives us the details.

    Despite the benefits stemming from the code-share agreement, some travelers are still leery about flying a bankrupt airline -- like our listener Nancy, who calls in from Eugene, Oregon. Rudy chats with Nancy and explains why she -- and you -- can book with confidence.

    Confidence is something many travelers don't have. United has a major image problem, and to address it, the airline is rolling out a $50 million ad campaign in March. Chances are, slick commercials featuring pretty flight attendants and smiling customers won't win back customer loyalty. What will? Marketing expert Bruce Landrey gives us his take on United's predicament, and suggests a radical marketing strategy: honesty.

    Deal of the Week: Ireland in the Spring

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    Our Travel-Expert-in-Residence, Rudy Maxa, has a deal on some springtime travel: How does Ireland in May sound?

    Well, since one of the best times to find airline deals is when an airline begins new service, it pays to look toward US Airways now. Since US Airways just got approval to fly between Ireland and its Philadelphia hub, to draw attention to the new route, the airline is selling tickets for travel in May for as low as $348, round trip.

    The fine print? You have until the 17th -- that's next Friday -- to make your reservations. You can fly into either Shannon or Dublin from Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia or DC for prices ranging from $348to $398. And, a Saturday night stay is required. Taxes and security surcharges will add about another $75. Travel is valid for flights departing between May 4th and 31st.

    Sorry, but if you're on the "Left Coast," now might be a good time to cash in miles or find a cheap flight to one of the cities where the sale is offered.

  • For more information, call US Airways customer service at 1-800-428-4322, or click to: www.usairways.com.
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