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Rundown for the Week of November 30, 2001

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Folk Music in Scotland by Gordon Black
When fall - or should we say autumn - descends, that's the time when lovers of traditional Celtic folk music head to a pub with a roaring fire to sip a pint, or maybe a malt whisky.

South of the Border by Dan Coffey
It seems to me that seasoned travelers are either constantly on the hunt for new places or they've found the one place they're crazy about and they can't help themselves from going back over and over again.

Lewis & Clark: War - Barrett Golding's bike ride along the Missouri River wasn't just a trip driven by scenic landscapes. Some historians see a darker side to Lewis & Clark's expedition, citing their trip as the first step towards the wars that dismantled Native American life.

Strip City - Lily Burana danced in twenty clubs across the country and wound up with a unique take on each region she worked.

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