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This week, holiday travel to Europe!

Deal of the Week: Holiday Travel to Europe! (11/30/2001)

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Diana: The holidays are here, and you know what that means: Presents! Rudy's back with us, and he's got a Deal of the Week just waiting to be unwrapped. What do have for us this week, Rudy?

Rudy: First of all, have you been good this year, Diana?

Diana: Of course!

Rudy: All right then. This week's Deal is all about flexible advance purchase fares to Europe.

Diana: You know I love Paris, Rudy. So far so good.

Rudy: Now, go back about a month ago. British Airways announced a fare sale from North America to Europe with an unusual twist: you could change your travel dates for any reason without paying a penalty.

Diana: Right, I remember. British Airways wanted to reassure travelers that should some kind of terrorist act occur again, they could postpone their trip at no charge, right?

Rudy: Exactly. And it worked so well, British Airways is bringing it back. So, until midnight, Tuesday-that's December fourth-you can buy tickets for travel through March 14th with the flexibility to change your travel dates without paying a penalty.

Diana: And that penalty normally would be how much?

Rudy: Usually $150.

Diana: Okay. Tell me about the fares.

Rudy: They're probably not the lowest we'll see this winter, but they're not bad. For example, you can fly round-trip from New York or Newark to Paris, for about $400 including taxes. It's even less to London-about $360 round trip from New York, Newark or Boston. And there's a bonus to sweeten the deal: With each ticket purchased, British Airways will give you a night in a hotel in Central London or a $50 discount on a hotel of your choice.

Diana: But is this a deal for the East Coast only?

Rudy: No, it's good from any British Airways US gateway - including Atlanta, Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. London from LA or Houston, by the way, is about $450.

Diana: And the fine print?

Rudy: You have to buy your tickets by midnight next Tuesday, stay over a Saturday night, and the fares are blacked out between December 19th and the 24th.

Diana: Got it.

Rudy: If you're traveling with kids 17 and under, Diana, I have a footnote.

Diana: What's that?

Rudy: Northwest's new international family fares. Adults can add a child's ticket on trips to Europe and Asia for only $70 until April 30th.

Diana: An excellent reason to bring the kids along. Thanks a bunch, Rudy. See you next week?

Rudy: It's a date.

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