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Rundown for the Week of August 24, 2001

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New York Escape by Wendy Paris
The crowded concrete jungle of New York City is the steam bath of all American cities come high summer. Everyone's looking to get out of town, and everyone who can't holes up at the movies. Our contributor Wendy Paris couldn't join the Hampton's crowd, but she did save up enough mad money for one night of cool luxury… and it's a trip she recommends.

Harlem Gospel Tour by Martin Stott
Martin Stott is a closet singer. He's a Marvin Gay trapped in an Anglo skin. And, even though it seemed totally anti-intuitive to send a stiff upper lip British fellow who can't even sing God Save the Queen on key to join in the wild, free gospel music of Harlem, we knew it was the perfect experiment. If music supposedly brings disparate people together, this was our chance to prove it. So, Martin traveled to Harlem to see if he could possibly get into the gospel groove… but a little bit of personal history was holding him back…

Yo-Yo Ma
Legendary Cellist Yo-Yo Ma talks about his career and his newest passion, the Silk Road Project.

Remembering Balaton by Anna Lengyel
Besides being Europe's largest lake, Lake Balaton was evidently THE summer spot for Europeans, going all the way back to the Romans. With mountains to the north and and curative hot springs off the Western edge, many writers through history have fallen in love with the majesty of Lake Balaton. Our reporter Anna Lengyel spent an old-time vacation at Lake Balaton, literally soaking up the stories of those who had summered there at various times through decades past.

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