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Deal of the Week: Puerto Rico is Fun!(8/24/2001)

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D: You're listening to the Savvy Traveler. I'm Diana Nyad. You know, traveling doesn't have to always be expensive, as our resident travel expert, Rudy Maxa, tells us with nearly every one of his Deals of the Week. Rudy, I can't wait to hear where in the world we're going this week.
R: Well, Diana, we're going down Puerto Rico way. Ever been?
R: well, now is a great time to go … because almost every kind of lodging from the country's traditional inns -- called paradores -- to the fancy resorts are all on sale.
D: Puerto Rico-that's sort of the forgotten destination of the Caribbean. It gets overlooked when folks are thinking of a warm-weather destination.
R: It definitely does. In fact, Puerto Rico is the most ecologically diverse island in the Caribbean, with rain forests, lush beaches, and mountains made for hiking.
D: So tell me about this deal?
R: Well, The paradores are government licensed small inns and hotels that are literally required to be in beautiful or historical spots … each one includes a good restaurant. Prices can range from as little as $50 a night for a double room to twice that, but if you book your getaway at the right place, you'll get your fourth night free. And at larger resorts, like the ultra-luxurious Horned Dorset Primevera (I've always loved that name!) or the Ritz-Carlton, you get your fifth night free.
D: Not bad.
R: Plus, in the case of the larger hotels and resorts, you get a free breakfast as well as an upgrade to an ocean-view room if one is available. In the case of the inns and paradores, continental breakfast is included as well as … and so are discounts on rental cars.
D: You said something about booking "at the right place." Where might that be?
R: I know you'll be shocked when I say, "The web." Go to http://puertoricoisfun.com.
D: Puertoricoisfun?
R: That about says it all. You'll find all the participating properties with photos, and you can make reservations on the spot. And that, Diana, is my deal of the week.
D: Just in time for fall-thanks, Rudy. See you next week?
R: Yes'm.

Savvy Resources:
Find out more about this fabulous deal at http://puertoricoisfun.com.

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