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Rundown for the Week of June 29, 2001

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Into a Fading Past by Tony Kahn
Renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz had a difficult time coping with the fact that his father's mind was fading with Alzheimer's disease. He wasn't sure if his father would be up to it, but he decided to take a road trip, back to the Bronx, New York, where Joel grew up. As Tony tells it, it turned out to be a very special time, the family sharing spontaneous moments as only happen on the road. It was a trip, South to North, on the backroads of the Eastern States. But it was a trip of the heart, too. A catharctic review of a long life. And a final good-bye.

Biking With Lewis & Clark, Part II by Barrett Golding
Barrett Golding and a friend are biking their way along the Missouri River, tracing the route that Lewis & Clark canoed long ago. They called us to tell us how things are going.

An Englishman in Philly by Martin Stott
How does the birthplace of the American Revolution treat visiting Brits? Martin Stott's only real gripe is the tea.

Jamie Jensen
Jamie Jensen is a road trip expert and author of the comprehensive Road Trip USA.

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Jack Kerouac's "Road Trip"

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