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Rundown for the Week of April 20, 2001
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Biking With My Brother by Anne Marie Ruff
Anne Marie Ruff is a woman of the world. American by birth, she thinks nothing of adopting foreign countries, learning the language and setting up shop. Thailand is her current new home but her family back in the States has had a hard time embracing her sense of exotic adventure. So it took her years of descriptive letters and captivating photos, but she finally convinced her brother to venture out of his safe and predictable American nest to take a walk on the wild side.

Meeting a Monk by Kristin Post
Kristin Post had a concrete vision of what a Buddhist monk was like. She imagined them all, bald boys and men in their flowing orange robes, one shoulder bare, like Siddhartha, peacefully living on a couple of berries a day, so enraptured in spiritual life that the needs of the body go unnoticed. Well, she was invited by a young monk to a monastery one night for a lesson in Lao. This is the actual lesson she learned.

Interview: Jim Schekhdar
A 54-year-old Englishman named Jim Schekhdar has just became the first person to row by himself across the Pacific Ocean. Nine lonely, yet illuminating months crashing through monstrous seas. And so many of us are curious about the size of the waves, the sharks, how he ate, how lonely he was. But from Jay Leno to us here at the Savvy Traveler, we are all asking him the same question: WHY?

Pudding Heaven by Martin Stott
Martin Stott introduces us to a prestigious dessert club that will immediately change your mind about English food, or at least a certain selection of superlative sweets. The desserts fall under the pudding category, and it is in fact The Pudding Club that upholds the pudding honor.

Diana's View
Latin Immersion

Question of the Week
We recount some of the quirky cultural differences you've discovered while away from home, and ask you about some of the comforting things you bring along with you while on the road.

Deal of the Week

Travelers' Aid
An Update on those airline labor troubles...

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