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Rundown for the Week of March 30, 2001

A Viennese Cafe Crawl by Tom Verde
A typical tourist itinerary for Vienna includes the opera house, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Schonbrunn Palace, and that giant ferris wheel of The Third Man fame. All well and good but, as The Savvy Traveler's Tom Verde tells us, the best view of Vienna past and present can be found in its cafés.

Hitting the Mystery Spot by Rachel Anne Goodman
From the reptile museums of Arizona to the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, roadside attractions promise visitors a glimpse of the fantastic and the strange. This week Rachel Anne Goodman takes us to The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California, where the laws of physics don't seem to apply.

Interview: Miles Harvey
In his book, The Island of Lost Maps, Miles Harvey traces the story of Gilbert Bland, a failed computer salesman who managed to steal a half a million dollar's worth of rare maps - and, for the most part, to stay off law enforcement's radar screen. We talked with Mr. Harvey about the attraction of maps and what they reveal about us.

Be Careful Backing Up by Paul Maliszewski
Most of us have had the experience of wishing that a map could tell us more. For instance, have you ever wished your road atlas mapped out the cleanest bathrooms on your route? Well, on a recent move Paul Maliszewski wished his map would tell him the best places to turn around.

On the Streets of Hanoi by Jeff Tyler
In Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, travelers can still find the old way of life. The smell of freshly baked croissants wafts out from local bakeries. Old men still don berets for their strolls along the boulevards. These days, though, motorcycles crowd out bicycles in Hanoi's streets, modern high-rises overshadow the city's faded colonial architecture and sophisticated restaurants vie for customers with old rice-or-noodle shops. The Savvy Traveler's Jeff Tyler found one eatery where the new improves upon the old, and where the food satisfies more than just the palate.

Sicily by Bike by Doug Lansky
Tired of trains, planes and automobiles? Touring a country by bicycle seems to offer a chance to get away from airports, depots and rent-a-car lines. Doug Lansky put his mettle to the pedals in Sicily and he says if you're envisioning simplicity, biker beware.

Rudy's View
Mapping the Future of The Savvy Traveler!

Question of the Week
We recount some of your oddest jobs while travelling, and ask you about some of the things you'd like to do on vacation, but are reluctant to admit.

Deal of the Week
"Splash Into Savings"

Travelers' Aid
Answers to Your Questions About Britain and Hoof and Mouth Disease, plus airline strike updates.

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