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Rundown for the Week of January 5, 2001

The London Cabbie Life
From riding elephant back in Africa to taking a tuk-tuk in Thailand, getting from place to place in a foreign country often requires a certain degree of skill. As a travel and adventure writer, Todd Jarrell has used just about every mode of transportation you can think of. He's found that even hailing a cab in London can have its challenges. But as he tells us, finding a taxi driver in London was nowhere as difficult as actually being one.

A Needle in the Chatuchak Haystack
For many of us, just finding our way through the local mall during the holidays felt like a major excursion. But if you think that was tough, try shopping for an everyday item in Bangkok's chaotic Chatuchak market. Recently, Ann Marie Ruff took the city's ultra-modern Sky Train to the end of the line for some shopping at the thriving weekend marketplace*and wound up with much more than she bargained for.

The Bad Taste Tour Goes to Jail
Cash Peters believes that visiting a dreary place requires you to make the best of it. And that's what he tries to do on our next stop today at Ireland's Kilmainham Jail. Opened on the south side of Dublin in 1786, it's one of Europe's largest unoccupied prisons and is the setting for some of the most important themes in modern Irish history. And as Cash discovered, it's also a great place to stir up trouble. He shows us around on his latest Bad Taste Tour.

Airport Ambling with Jim Bogan
There were a good number of folks who spent time hanging around in airports, dealing with delays or weather-related flight cancellations during the past few weeks. Waiting hours for to catch a plane is enough to bore some people to tears, and simply drive others crazy. Contributor Jim Bogan could have found himself in a similar situation many times during the past few years. But as he tells us in this postcard, instead of sitting around impatiently, he chose to take other trips - and he didn't even have to leave the airport.

Interview: Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter
Chris Kilham has journeyed to China, north and south India, the Amazon, Europe and remote parts of the South Pacific; searching out the council of shaman, medicine men and indigenous people in a never-ending effort to learn about different herbs and how they can be used for healing. Now, he's telling people about what he's discovered in his book: Tales from the Medicine Trail.

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Travelers' Aid
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Rudy's View
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Next Week

Coming up next week, meet some canine customs agents with a real nose for sniffing-out trouble. And, speaking of trouble: Ever encountered some overly passionate passengers? Flown with a crazed elephant? Or witnessed an in-flight fire-eating performance? Well, some of our listeners have-and you'll hear it all when they share their stories of the strangest things they've seen while flying. It's all on-board for next week's trip, so be sure to come along.

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