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Rundown for the week of September 11, 1999

Autumn Leaves
Sunny days, moderate rain and cool nights...that's the best end-of-summer recipe for a colorful display of autumn foliage. Yet this summer's withering drought has raised concerns that the upcoming foliage season may be shorter or less dramatic than many would hope. The Savvy Traveler's Tom Verde checked it out for us.

Your Answers:Laughs on the Road
Rudy talks to listeners about the funniest people and experiences you've encountered in your travels.

Revisiting the Hostel Experience
The best thing, though, about hostels is that anything can happen...as The Savvy Traveler's Scott Carrier learned recently. A warning: some may find part of this story objectionable.

Deal of the Week
Welcome fall in Yellowstone at a nice price.

Ask Rudy
Rudy takes listeners' general questions about travel. He mentions:

  • Long-Distance Relationships
  • Golfing Trip to Ireland

Fear of Flying
Every time a plane crashes about 25 percent of Americans get fuel for their phobia. People are afraid of flying for all kinds of reasons -- claustrophobia, lack of control, or just the fear of dropping out of the sky. But there are ways to counter these phobias -- acupuncture, hypnotherapy, group support ... and the latest addition is a virtual reality computer program. It's software that allows you to see, hear and feel a plane flight without getting anywhere near one. Reporter Marianne McCune visited one of five places in the country that uses Virtually Better Technologies' new program.

Culture Watch
Autumn Moon Festival

Next Week
Travel with us again next week when we're joined by comedian/actor/director Mel Brooks...ever wonder what a big star like Mel Brooks does when he gets to a hotel? "I woo the bathroom, the toilet. Even if I don't have to go I sit on it, just to get used to it, you know? And then I bounce up and down on the bed with my clothes on just so that I don't go naked into a bathroom or into a bed without having first introduced myself properly to it." Mel Brooks and a rare visit from a two-thousand year old man who talks about travel in the days before transportation. We get a slice of Americana at a county fair in Nevada. And, traveling over to Scotland, you'd expect you hear some local music right? Well, think again. "We came here to hear the bagpipes, and there are no bagpipes in all of Edinburgh!" Find out why they're piping down in Scotland during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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