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Rundown for the week of August 14, 1999

Japan by Bullet
It's a well known fact that boys never grow up they just pretend. But every now and then the kid comes out in us. And our reporter Martin Stott is no exception. Put him anywhere near a railway station and he's like a boy with a train set. So we thought it would be fun to pack him up with a big grown-up suitcase and send him off for an adventure on the ultimate play station -- the Japanese bullet train.

Q&A: Your Answers: Beat the Heat
Rudy talks to listeners about ways they keep cool in the summer heat, and hears about more Hometown Hotspots.

Marilyn Taylor Interview
Marilyn Taylor is an architect with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the firm that designed New York's Kennedy International Airport in 1957. She's part of the team that's responsible for creating a new building, so we asked Marilyn to help us envision airports of the future. But first we wanted hear about what Kennedy, then called Idlewild, was like back in the 50's.

The Open Road: Raising the Totem
Beyond the fabulous natural beauty of Alaska, the landscape is rich with ancient tribal cultures. The most sought after souvenirs are authentically crafted native art. Most especially, perhaps the wood carving of southeast Alaska. Hal Cannon of The Open Road recently visited Ketchikan to see one of the finest collections of totem poles in the world and came to understand what these carvings really mean. As part of our series on a ten-day trip to southeast Alaska, we hear from his journal.

Deal of the Week
Great fares around the world.

Q&A: Ask Rudy
takes listeners' general questions about travel. He mentions:

  • Croatia

Summer Travelers
What happens when two Alaskans arrive in New York City? No, this is not the start of some corny joke. I'm talking about our summer correspondents: Randi Somers and her grandson Jesse Lee, who have been driving and camping their way across the United States. They set out from Homer, Alaska a couple of months ago, and we've been checking in with them along the way to hear about their adventures. They've strolled the streets of Vegas and camped out in a graveyard in Michigan ... Just recently, they made it to Manhattan, and like the good tourists they are, decided to make Jesse's first visit to New York a real adventure by riding the subway to visit the Empire State Building.

Next Week
As our Summer Travelers head west to go back home, we're going to get the jump on them as we return to Alaska next week. It's the last in our three-part series about the state where national treasures are saved from extinction.

"I just watched a dozen bald eagles soar high over the totem poles in Sitka National Historical Park."

The Alaskan rehabilitation center, where you can spend your vacation working to keep our national bird off the endangered species list. We travel to Austria for the National Lederhosen Festival. And a journey to Prince Edward Island, where the setting of an historic hotel inn is great fodder for the imagination.

"I found a magical place full of red sandy beaches, unbelievable inexpensive lobster dinners and giant dahlias the size of sunflowers."

It's the home of Anne of Green Gables, and we're taking your calls about strange roadside attractions during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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