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Airports of the Future

Airports of the Future
An Interview with Marilyn Taylor

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If you're like us, a trip to the airport can make you really cranky. The traffic, at least in Washington, D.C., is generally awful. The gates seem to get further and further away from the curb and only if you're lucky will your flight actually leave or arrive on time. With airlines expanding their routes and new airlines coming onto the scene, it makes you wonder what the future of our airports is going to be like.

Marilyn Taylor is an architect with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the firm that designed New York's Kennedy International Airport in 1957. She's part of the team that's responsible for creating a new building, so we asked Marilyn to help me envision airports of the future. But first we wanted hear about what Kennedy, then called Idlewild, was like back in the '50s.

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