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Rundown for the week of July 31, 1999

Santa Fe Spanish Market
New Mexico's unique religious art came to this country from Spain in the 1600s, but by the early 1900s, it was disappearing. So, the Spanish Colonial Arts Society was soon founded to keep the tradition alive. And thus developed the Santa Fe Spanish Market. Every year, in the city's downtown plaza, 50,000 locals and tourists jostle each other to buy this one-of-a-kind Spanish art. The Savvy Traveler's Judie Fein went to Santa Fe's Spanish Market last weekend to feed the art habit she began when she moved to New Mexico six years ago.

Q&A: Your Answers: Nostalgic Travel
Rudy talks to listeners about trips they wish they could relive

Bed & Blessings Interview
"Get thee to a nunnery" said Hamlet to Ophelia. Turns out that's good advice for anyone traveling to Italy, where the price of staying in a convent or monastery is considerably less than even a moderate hotel room in the country. June and Anne Walsh are a mother daughter team who've scouned out the best and most interesting convents and monasteries in Italy that are open to guests. The women share their discoveries in their book Bed and Blessings Italy: A guide to Convents and Monasteries Available for Overnight Lodging.

There's an area in Cekirge, Turkey which has thermal mineral springs that have attracted visitors since the sixth century. Cekrige is just outside of the Turkish city of Bursa, which was the original capital of the Ottoman Empire. In search of a traditional Turkish bath experience, The Savvy Traveler's Jim Metzner traveled to Cekirge, a three hour journey by ferry and bus from Istanbul. Jim takes us with him inside a hamam -- a bathhouse which dates back to the fourteenth century.

Deal of the Week
Cruising the Mediterranean for half price.

Q&A: Ask Rudy
Rudy takes listeners' general questions about travel. He mentions:

  • Tajikistan
  • Camping with Kids

National Parks Interview
Have you been to a national park lately? You may have found that instead of spending an idyllic day in nature, you had to contend with increasing crowds and traffic. Visitors have been arriving in record numbers this year. On the other hand, recent troubles in Yosemite seem to have scared off potential tourists to that California park. The National Parks and Conservation Association is a citizen group dedicated to preserving the U.S. national park system. Pacific Region Director Brian Huse sheds some light on the problems in our parks.

Family Trips
When is a vacation not a vacation? When you lose your luggage? When you get bumped from a flight? How about when you're stuck in a hotel with your entire extended family instead of lounging some exotic beach somewhere? Getting warmer? Well, The Savvy Traveler's Debra Monroe has suffered just such a "vacation." She sent us this postcard.

Next Week
Be sure to come back again next week as we learn what drives people to travel the world just to see a solar eclipse.

"Unless you happen to have seen one for yourself, you'll never really fully comprehend or understand just how beautiful and how eerie this whole thing is."

Catch a sneak preview of what it'll be like when the skies darken in Eastern Europe during the upcoming solar eclipse. And, for those of us in the lower 48, just the name "Alaska" conjures up images of a wild, rugged, mysterious land don't you think? It seems like a place where a you never know what you might encounter.

"I had to stop the ship for a bear swimming across the channel in front of us ... I had to dodge some deer about a month ago."

Discovering the last frontier, and your travel resolutions. All that and more so come along for the ride during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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