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Bizarre Must-See Attractions Not Listed In Your Guidebook

Dear Savvy Traveler,

Like weird attractions? Here's two nutsy places created by eccentrics that are well worth checking out. By the time I got to the end of both of them, I was both exhausted and baffled.

The first is The House on the Rock, somewhere in Indiana. (I was en route to St. Paul, and I'm not exactly sure where we stopped.) The place has a Frank Lloyd Wright knock-off of Falling Water and some of the strangest collections I have ever seen -- everything from doll houses to church organs. And the owner doesn't have just a few of each item, but scores and scores. Each room in the maze of buildings opens up to a new collection.

The second attraction is called Graceland Too, near Oxford, Misssissippi. The guy who runs the joint has turned his antebellum home into a huge Elvis Presley collection. He has albums, clothes, posters - even Elvis' deodorant! (The King used Brute.) The proprietor also monitors every mention of Elvis in print and on TV. He is continually recording programs on his eight TVs and VCRs, and has a collection of hundreds of TV Guides with little bookmarks wherever Elvis is mentioned.

The Graceland Too tour costs $5 and will be refunded if you don't enjoy it. The owner will even give you another $5 for your time. On the tour you'll hear bizarre anecdotes about his experiences with Elvis and about his son, whom he named ' guess what? Elvis. He even does a bad Elvis impersonation and shows pictures of Tom Cruise's dog and a midget with a gorilla. Crazy man, but sweet.

I was exhausted by the time I was done, but I loved every second of it.




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