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A Note to Travelers from a Hotel Manager: "Chill Out, People!"

Dear Savvy Traveler,

The airlines regularly bump people off overbooked flights. It happens all the time and is generally accepted by travelers. This is why, as a hotel general manager, I am amazed at the way people react when they are told that the hotel is overbooked, but that we will pay for them to stay at a hotel a block away. (All major hotel companies have a "walk" policy that dictates how they will take care of inconvenienced travelers.) Many guests seem to think that getting "walked" entitles them to be rude - that it's an excuse to treat service employees poorly. It's not.

There are too many Leona Helmsleys out there disguised as road warriors. Travelers should know that although the squeaky wheel may be taken care of initially, eventually it gets tossed out because it's a hassle to keep fixing it. It wouldn't hurt for people to just "chill out" a little more. They might live a little longer, too.




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