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Slice of America - Abroad

I was visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral a few years ago, when I noticed a niche in one of the massive walls. Lit up like a shadow box, in an average sized office dwarfed by its surroundings, sat a priest-garbed figure behind a desk. Not sure if this was all real, I looked to the side of the office and saw a freestanding sign with "Office" and "Office Hours" posted with an arrow pointing to the office.

I looked at the priest and wandered closer, smiling at this surreal scene. "C'mere", the priest said, in an unexpected Bronx accent. I grinned at him and came there.

"Is this for real?"

"Sure", he said, sucking hard on a cigarette.

So we chatted awhile. He told me I was not allowed to take a picture of his office; something about rules. I teased him, asking if he was in the witness protection program. He acquiesced and I took the picture.



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