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Roadside diner experiences

I have to correct a contributor to your last show who spoke of his visit to the Elvis restaurant outside Jerusalem. The Elvis Inn than 20 years one of the stranger roadside attractions in the Middle East. But the statue of the King is hardly 50-feet tall, as he maintained. There are actually two, one bronze (unveiled in 1997, five meters tall), and the older one of a white plastic-like material that is just somewhat larger than life size. Certainly not 50-feet tall. Also, though the menu I believe does serve hamburgers, the predominant cuisine is traditional middle eastern -- hummus, felafel, grilled meats, etc. All served in a room decorated with hundreds of posters and other Elvis-related artwork. Quite a trip!

My strangest roadside dining experience in the Holy Land was at the Love Boat restaurant in the Gaza Strip. No, I'm not kidding. The Love Boat. Excellent seafood (though probably not as good as Mata'am a-salaam, "Restaurant of Peace," next door). While enjoying traditional Arab hospitality one lunch, neither the restaurant nor my Palestinian companions had any idea that the background music was the title theme of the definitely Zionist movie "Exodus."

Enjoy the show. Keep 'em coming!

Regards Art



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