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Brush with fame

My wife and I won a radio station promotion for a trip for two to Acapulco. We were staying at Las Brisas. The first day we thought it best to take a tour of the city so we could take off on our own the rest of the week. We signed up for the tour from the Hotel and went to the designated area at the designated time. The bell boy was calling out room numbers and ushering guests onto vans. When our number was not called, I went to question why and was told it would just be a minute more for another vehicle.

Shortly an old station wagon pulled up and another couple and we were ushered aboard. The gentleman sitting shotgun in the front seat had on a had that was reminiscent of Oscar Madison, a.k.a. Jack Klugman. As we drove down the drive we all introduced ourselves and sure enough it was Jack Klugman and a female companion.

One of our stops was several big beach hotels to do some shopping and on the way back to the station wagon Jack was recognized by group of tourists on a bus. I quickly hid him and we snuck back to our vehicle.

It rained that day and the shotgun window would not roll up so Jack got wet and the driver offered him a towel to help stay dry. We started talking horses. I knew he owned some thoroughbreds and his friend Shecky Green did too. Marty and I had won some money on Shecky's horse at Hot Springs earlier that year.

We had a fund day. He was just a nice as could be. Marty and I decided that we should not talk about his profession or the fact that we had enjoyed the Odd Couple and Quincy MD very much. In my determination not to bring up his fame I did not want to ask him to pose with us for a picture. I'm certain that he would have but I just did not feel right about asking. Given the opportunity again I still would not ask, but we did have a wonderful time and it certainly added to our wonderful trip to a fantastic vacation land.




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