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Books that Inspire Trips

My husband and I spent the month of April touring around England, one of my favorite countries. We always enjoy the history but this time one of my goals was to visit the settings of two of my favorite books.

The first was the Yorkshire Dales, the setting of the James Harriot Veterinary Stories that have also been made into the TV series. The veterinary surgery has been redone to look just as it did in the thirties. The experience could not have been done any better, worth a trip to see. The Dales, especially at lambing time, have a beauty all of their own. We stopped at little pubs in remote areas and had a wonderful time talking to the locals.

As an added bonus we stayed at a restored Georgian house called "Crab Manor," a beautiful old house that has been impeccably restored. The food was fabulous with spring lamb and the freshest of sea food. The breakfast menu ran three pages. The owners were most hospitable. They also had an ancient bulldog that had been cared for by the real James Harriot, Alf Wright and have a new bulldog puppy that is being cared for by Alf Wright's son Jim.

The second stop in search of a book setting was in Shrewsbury in search of the Father Cadfile Mystery settings. The author of the series, Elis Peters, has meticulously researched her books, and, with the help of a guide you can place the settings. Part of the old monastery has been restored with gardens and people reenacting the 11th Century when the stories took place.

Shrewsbury is an interesting old city with many half timbered building. This stop was enjoyable but not worth a journey.




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