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United Air Lines - US Air Merger

The United Air Lines acquisition of US Air has to be the worst possible deal for the flying public.

The articles I've read say that there is very little competition between the carriers. That might be true now, but United has been building its Dulles hub to add more north/south flights, and I just got a frequent flyer article from US Air extolling their transcontinental flights. The merger would eliminate any potential competition that would come in the future if they remained separate.

United has shown in Denver that once it becomes dominant, it raises prices exorbitantly. They would probably continue to do this in other cities.

In weekly e-mails I receive that list various specials, many times United is priced somewhat higher than its competition.

In addition to the above, my personal feeling is that United is a greedy group of pompous people who feel they are doing you a favor to allow you to fly on their airline.




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