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Airline question

In answer to your question, "what one thing would you do to improve airlines' customer service":

I would pass a Federal law requiring each airport authority to display, in every terminal, the *entire airport's* scheduled departures. The problem in so many airports is that your flight gets canceled on Happy Air in terminal D, but there's no way for you to know (or for the gate attendant to know) that a $79 hop on Spiffy Airlines will be departing from terminal A in 20 minutes, or that an Amtrak train departs nearby in one hour.

Every sector of commerce has been revolutionized by the computer revolution - so why are airports still displaying just one terminal's departures on simple TV screens? Why are those screens stuck in the simple format created so long ago? It wouldn't be all that difficult to scatter kiosks throughout the terminals, programmed with other terminals' upcoming departures - plus scheduled land links, rail links, and departures from complementary airports (i.e, Newark & JFK).

Airlines will fight this simple reform, because it liberates passengers. FAA should impose it for the very same reason.



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